Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gary Millard receives instruction from Kurt Wenner on the art of perspective pavement painting

Kurt Wenner and Gary Millard, Sedona, Arizona, perspective drawing continued!

Day 3 with Kurt Wenner was again, amazing!  The instruction started with drawing again simple shapes (circles, squares) then shading them with specific light source. 
Looks easy enough right...  watch the progression!
Adding shading 
Transfer the drawing on another piece of paper and continue shading
Drawing as it looks from viewing straight down. 
Dimensions of paper were 11" x 17" 
Dimensions calculated per my perspective were 10' x 16' x 6' deep
Same piece of paper with more shading completed.  
Viewed from specifically designed viewpoint of 5' 5" off the ground
Still 11" X 17" paper as viewed from above
Same drawing, with added pit - with a perspective depth of 26' 
Completed drawing as viewed from calculated view point of 5' 5" 
This was the product I produced at the end of the first 3 days

All I can say, is this was amazing, Kurt was patient and completed many demonstrations through the last 3 days.  Kurt presented in depth instruction on all aspects of his Brain Child - The Art of Pavement Painting.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Gary Millard and Kurt Wenner - in the beginning, Who is this guy?

Who is this guy ??

Kurt Wenner and Gary Millard that's who.  The beginning of an incredible 6 days of instruction, with a world renowned artist, was the high lite of my year!!

I will attach photos from the first part of the instruction - Perspective and Illusion. Kurt is amazing...

I was taught just how to perceive perspective as in the organization of form and space from one unique view point.  Meaning how the view would be, as if standing  at a height of 5' 8" and a distance of say 30 foot away.  Now distort the drawing to have the perspective from only that exact view point. When the drawing is viewed from any other viewpoint it will looks distorted.  This concept seems easy enough....  not so !

The first day of instruction was technical but interesting, drawing shapes.  
In Drawing these shapes, Kurt demonstrated how a simple circle changes it's shape depending on the view point. The most interesting part was everyone knows it distorts, but to calculate "exactly" how much it is distorted from a specific view was amazing.
 As drawn if a person was in this viewing (eyes) at 5' 5" off the ground the last ellipse would look round! What was a circle is now an Ellipse as viewed standing above the drawing, but was round from the specific 'designed/calculated' view point.  OK that was the start of the first day!

Gary Millard attends Kurt Wenner's Workshop in Sedona, Arizona - Perspective and Illusion - Pavement Painting

Gary Millard attends Kurt Wenner's Workshop in Sedona Arizona

The man that literally invented pavement art painting.

More details will follow, class is just starting!